One of the most powerful benefits of our program is the quality of the professors who travel from various parts of the world to teach our students. The teaching and academic oversight of these highly accomplished practitioners and scholars in various fields of study brings a wealth of experience and information to the classroom. Most of the professors do not serve full-time with NTCGS. They principally serve as administrators, faculty, ministers, practitioners, authors, and in other vocations of leadership and service in private ministry or with other institutions.  Their contribution to NTCGS is a testimony of their commitment to Christian ministry and the educational needs of fellow believers.  Also, the students who study under them receive the great benefit of the experience and expertise which can only come from highly accomplished and multi-gifted leaders and mentors. This wonderful benefit is a distinguishing mark of NTCGS.

Professors and administrators who live in the U.S. return to host countries often two or more times a year to continue the education of national Christian students at NTCGS. Each new class group (cohort) requires teaching a new set of courses during each module (semester). Every lecture given by an English-speaking professor requires a bi-lingual Arabic translator. Additionally, all class notes, syllabi and other essential documents must be translated. Student research papers are graded by professors or professionals trained to evaluate the work of students.

Faculty Members

Allston, Ted, M.A.

B.S., College of Charleston; B.S., Bob Jones University; M.A., Bob Jones University; Asst. Pastor; Missionary

Bearss, Jim, Th.D.

B.A., Ripon College; Th.M., Trinity Theological Seminary D.Min., Westminster Seminary, CA; Th.D., Trinity Theological Seminary; Professor; Pastor; Conference Speaker

Brown, David, Ph.D.

B.A., Bob Jones University; Juris Doctor, University of South Carolina; Ph.D., North-West University, South Africa;  Attorney, Church Planter, Mission Area Director, Professor

Crossman, Philip K., M.A.

B.A. Bob Jones University; M.A. Bob Jones University; Senior Pastor, Assistant Pastor, Youth Staff, Teacher, Librarian

Fosmark, Paul D., Div.

B.A. Pillsbury Baptist Bible College; M.Div. Central Baptist Theological Seminary; D.Div. Maranatha Baptist Bible College; Pastor, Teacher, Seminary Faculty

Grady, Kurt P., D.B.S.

B.S., Pharmacy, St. Louis College of Pharmacy; M.B.A., Southern Illinois University; D.B.S., Master’s International School of Divinity; Pharmacist, Counselor, Teacher, Professor, Associate Pastor, Director of Development, Author

Hanna, Hani, M.B.S.  Advisor, Undergraduate Division

B.S., Ain Shams University; M.M., Piedmont Baptist College; M.B.S., ThD Student, National Theological College and Graduate School; Librarian, Missionary, Pastor, Teacher, Dean

Hunter, Herb, M.Div.

B.A. Northland Baptist Bible College; M.Div. Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary; Youth Pastor, Senior Pastor, Teacher, Camp Director, Camp Speaker, Missionary

Lehman, John, D.Min.

B.S., Bob Jones University; M.S., Pensacola Christian College; M. Div., Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary; D. Min., Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary; Business Instructor; Assistant Principal; Education Pastor; Family, Missions, and Counseling Pastor; Author

Nieman, Wayne Ph.D.

B.A. Ed.: Arizona State University; M. Div.; Reformed Episcopal Seminary; Ph.D.; Biblical Life College and Seminary; Public and Christian School Teacher;  Associate Pastor; Adjunct Lecturer; Adjunct Professor

Payne, Robert J., Th.D.

B.A., Faith Baptist Bible College; Th.M., Andersonville Theological Seminary; Th.D., Andersonville Theological Seminary; College Instructor; Senior Pastor; Youth Pastor; IBFNA Moderator; Conference Speaker; Author

Rogers, Andrew D., M.Div.

B.S. California State University; M.A.B.C., The Master’s College; M.Div., The Master’s Seminary; Associate Pastor; Adjunct Professor; Lecturer; Senior Pastor

Thomas, Jerrold, TH.M.

A.B., Wilmington College; M.Div., Northwest Baptist Seminary; Th.M., Northwest Baptist Seminary; (ABD) Grace Theological Seminary; Pastor; Conference Speaker; Visitation Director; Professor

Altizer, John Robert, M.Div. Chairman, Biblical Studies

A.S. Bluefield State College; B.A. & M.A. Piedmont Baptist College and Graduate School; M.Div. & S.T.M. Liberty Baptist Theological Seminary; pursuing Ph.D. at Baptist Bible Seminary; Pastor; Interim Pastor; Professor

Bethel, Charles Noah, Ed.D.

A.A., University of Tampa, B.A., Moody Bible Institute, M.A., Grace Theological Seminary, Ed.D., West Virginia University; Professor; Registrar; Dean of Graduate and Online Education; Vice President of Academic;, Associate Pastor; Interim Pastor ;Conference Speaker; Author

Cochran, Jason, M.A.

B.A. Northland Baptist Bible College; M.A. Heart of America Seminary; Pastor, Teacher, Advisory Board Member, Department of Theology Chairman

Eastwood, Joel, M.A.

Diploma Emmanuel Baptist Bible Institute; M.A. Calvary Baptist Theological Seminary; M. Div> (in process) Maranatha Baptist Bible College; Pastor, Missionary, Teacher, Bible Institute Administrator

Gardiner, Glen, M.Div.

B.A. Western Baptist Bible College; San Francisco Conservative Baptist Seminary M.Div.; Pastor, Missionary, EBBI Interim President, teacher, Church Planter

Haddad, Waad E., M.Div.

B.A., Maranatha Baptist Bible College; M.Div., Detroit Baptist Theological Seminary; Lecturer; Translator

Henderson, Andrew, B.A.

B.A. Northland Baptist Bible College; Assistant Pastor, Teacher

King, Ryan Gene, M.A.

B.A. Indiana Baptist College; M.A. Indiana Baptist College; Youth Worker, Assistant Pastor,  Senior Pastor

Luethy David E., Ph.D.

B.A., Bob Jones University; M.A., Bob Jones University; Ph.D., Bob Jones University; Professor; Pastor; Interim Pastor; High School Bible Teacher; Chair, Division of Biblical Studies; Professor of Biblical Studies and Greek

Nuttall, Clayton L., D.Min.  Interim President

B.R.E., Piedmont Bible College; M.R.E., Grand Rapids Theological Seminary; D.Min., Luther Rice Seminary; Pastor; Interim Pastor; Administrator; Professor; Author; Conference Speaker; Professor of Theology and Ministry; Dean of Education; Dean of Graduate School; Vice President of Academics, Interim President

Powell, Richard D., D.B.S.

Th.B., Piedmont Bible College; M.C.S., Master’s International School of Divinity; D.B.S, Master’s International School of Divinity; pursuing Ph.D. at Trinity Theological Seminary; Pastor

Ruse Brenda, B.A.

B.A. Bob Jones University; Missionary, Teacher

Vanderwier, Wayne A., D.Min. Chairman, Biblical Counseling

B.S., Western Michigan Univ., M.R.E., Grand Rapids Baptist Seminary; D.Min. Trinity Theological Seminary; D.Min., Baptist Bible Seminary; Professor; Pastor; Conference Speaker; Academic Coordinator

Arif, Cherif, M.B.S.  Dean, Undergraduate Division

B.S., Ain Shams University; M.B.S., National Theological College and Graduate School; Financial Assistant; Account Manager; Teacher; Dean

Boss, Keith, M.A.

B.A. Northland International University; M.A., Northland International University; Teacher, Assistant Pastor, Teacher Assistant, Senior Pastor

Combs, Douglas Harold, D.Min.

B.A., State University of New York; M.Div., Temple Baptist Theological Seminary; D.Min., Faith Theological Seminary; Chaplain; Pastor; Lecturer; Executive Director of Outreach to Asia Nationals

Ellen, Nicolas Andre, D.Min.

B.A., The University of Houston; M.A.B.S., The Masters College; M.A.C.E., Dallas Theological Seminary; D.Min., Southern Baptist Theological Seminary; Adjunct Professor; Assistant Professor, Assistant Pastor; Senior Pastor; Author

Garren, Timothy, Jay A.A.

A.A. Bob Jones University; Assistant Pastor, Senior Pastor

Halsey, Larry, D.Min.

B.A. Tennessee Temple University; M.R.E., Temple Baptist Seminary; D.Min., Temple Baptist Seminary; Associate Pastor, Senior Pastor, Christian School Principal, Adjunct professor, Professor

Holritz, Paul J., Ph.D. Academic Vice President

B.S., Northern Illinois University; M.S, Tennessee Temple University; Ph.D., Regent University; Missionary; Pastor; Executive Vice President; Academic Dean; Professor

Kurylyk, Ian, B.A.

B.A. Technical University of Nova Scotia; Pastor, Teacher, Engineer

Martin, David, Ph.D. Chairman, Education

B.A., Calvary Bible College; M.A., Calvary Theological Seminary; Th.M., Jordan Evangelical Theological Seminary; D. Min., Dallas Theological Seminary; PhD., Trinity Theological Seminary; Associate Pastor;  Director of C.E.F.; Adjunct Instructor, Pastor;  Professor; Academic Dean; Author

Oats, Larry, Ph.D.

B.A., Maranatha Baptist Bible College; M.A., Maranatha Baptist Seminary; M.Div., Maranatha Baptist Seminary; Th.M., Maranatha Baptist Seminary; Ph.D., Trinity Evangelical Divinity School; Professor; Author; Conference Speaker; Seminary Dean

Quackenbush, Brad, M.A.

B.S., Dallas Bible College; M.A., Calvary Bible College & Seminary; Doctoral Studies, Trinity Theological Seminary; 2002 – 2008; Teacher; Registrar; Academic Dean; Instructor

Ruse, Ronald, M.A.

B.A. Bob Jones University; M.A. Bob Jones University; Missionary, Teacher

Youmans, II, Peter J., Ph.D.

B.A., Tennessee Temple University; M.Div., Temple Baptist Seminary; D.Min., Luther Rice Seminary; Ph.D. at Piedmont Baptist College and Graduate School; Pastor; Instructor in Old Testament Studies; Conference Speaker; Professor of Biblical Studies