Bible Diploma Program

  • The Bible Diploma Program is designed for those who want to better prepare themselves to serve God but may not have the educational background or academic credentials to enter a formal college bachelor’s degree program.
  • National in partnership with 7 Billion Reasons delivers this diploma program in two levels. In year one, the student completes the basic diploma. In year two, the student can continue to study to receive an advanced diploma. Earning the basic diploma is a prerequisite for entering the second year.
  • Classes will meet in August, January and May.
  • Students will not receive college credit from this non-formal program, and upon completion, the diplomas will not qualify graduates to enter a college bachelor’s degree program.

Please feel free to contact Mr. Francis Onyinge ( with any questions you might have.

Basic Diploma Classes Year 1
Biblical Thinking
Bible Study Methods
Bible Doctrine Survey
Personal Spiritual Life


Advanced Diploma Classes Year 2
Old Testament Survey
New Testament Survey
Teach Biblical Messages and Ministry/
Teaching Methods and Principles
Missions, Evangelism, and Discipleship