Certificate Program

Certificate of Biblical Studies (C.B.S.)

The thirty hour Certificate of Biblical Studies course is designed to help any believer who wants to grow in a basic knowledge of the Bible, Bible doctrines and practical ministry skills to strengthen their own Christian life and contribute to their local church. It also provides a foundation for those who wish to pursue another thirty hours of study to enhance their ministry and earn an Associate Degree in Biblical Studies.


A summary of required semester hours included in a normal Certificate of Biblical Studies program:

Biblical Studies 12
Theological Studies 12
Ministry Studies 6
Total 30
Biblical Studies 12
BI-101 Biblical Interpretation/Bible Study Methods 3
BO-101 Old Testament Survey 3
BN-101 New Testament Survey 3
BI-102 Introduction to the Bible 3
Theological Studies 12
BT-303 Bible Doctrine 1 3
BT-304 Bible Doctrine 2 3
BT-403 Bible Doctrine 3 3
BT-404 Bible Doctrine 4 3
Ministry Studies 6
PT-101 Introduction to Ministry 1
BP-101 Principles/Practices of a Spiritual Life 2
PT-201 Discipleship 1
MI-304 Missions & Church Planting 2
Total Program Credit Hours 30