Associate Program

Associate of Biblical Studies (A.B.S.)

The Associate of Biblical Studies program leads the student from a basic knowledge of the Bible, Bible Doctrines, and Practical Ministry skills to a deeper knowledge of the Word of God and ministry skills that will enhance their potential for more effective ministry in their local church and Christian organizations. Those who are called of God or actively engaged as pastors, evangelists, or cross-cultural ministers will benefit from the additional thirty hours of training, which may be added to an additional 60 hours of general education courses to complete a Bachelor’s Degree in Biblical Studies.


A summary of required semester hours included in a normal Associate of Biblical Studies program:

Biblical Studies 24
Theological Studies 15
Ministry Studies 12/13
General Studies 8/9
Total 60
Biblical Studies 24
BI-101 Biblical Interpretation/Bible Study Methods 3
BO-101 Old Testament Survey 3
BN-101 New Testament Survey 3
BI-102 Introduction to the Bible 3
BN-204 New Testament Book 3
BN-304 New Testament Book 3
BO-204 Old Testament Book 3
BO-304 Old Testament Book 3
Theological Studies 15
BT-303 Bible Doctrine 1 3
BT-304 Bible Doctrine 2 3
BT-403 Bible Doctrine 3 3
BT-404 Bible Doctrine 4 3
BT-405 Contemporary Theological Issues 3
Ministry Studies 12/13
PT-101 Introduction to Ministry 1
BP-101 Principles/Practices of a Spiritual Life 2
PT-401 Introduction to Biblical Counseling 0/3
CE-201 Teaching Principles and Methods 2/3
PT-201 Discipleship 1
MI-304 Missions & Church Planting 2
PT-205 Communication of Biblical Truth 2/3
General Studies 8/9
RE-102 Research Writing 2/3
BP-302 Christian Ethics 3
Social Sciences
HI-302 History of the Church & Christian Thought 3
Total Program Credit Hours 60