NTCGS offers undergraduate, graduate and post-graduate degrees through modular training or traditional class methods based on the site location. Modular classes consist of nine intensive days of training twice a year, with assigned work following the module.  Each class is taught by qualified and credentialed professors around a well-planned curriculum and schedule.  Classes are taught in the national language, and notes and books are translated. Because of the quality of instruction, there has been a consistent, enthusiastic response on the part of those who have already benefited from the modules.

God has wonderfully led choice men and women whom He has called into His service to receive their training at NTCGS. God also provides the opportunity to develop the abilities He has sovereignly given to these students.  The specific courses which are offered are designed separately and together, to achieve the following goals:

  • To provide a basic, conservative biblical and practical training to further equip those who are currently in the Christian ministry.
  • To encourage each student to develop a personal godliness, spiritual maturity and deep commitment to live for God, and not self, as long as God gives one breath.
  • To enhance and further existing ministry skills.
  • To enable Christian workers to, in turn, train others to do the work of the ministry.