An Awesome Opportunity

An Awesome Opportunity

An Awesome Opportunity


Dr. Peter Youmans

What a joy to have the opportunity to teach with NTCGS. I was raised in Fruitport, Michigan and was saved under the ministry of Dr. Clay Nuttall. I studied for the ministry at Tennessee Temple University and after finishing seminary, accepted the call to Davidson Baptist Church in Hazard, Kentucky.  My wife and I have served there for twenty-nine years.

Concerned about the need of training pastors in other countries, I continued my studies so I would be prepared to teach overseas if the opportunity arose. Shortly after NTCGS began ministering in Egypt in 2003, Dr. Nuttall contacted me about the need of someone to teach Old Testament.  Due to the need of raising support for the trip with children still in college, it seemed an insurmountable task.  God has over the years proved his faithfulness and with the generosity of Christian friends, I have been able to teach ten different times with NTCGS. My primary focus has been upon Old Testament courses, such as Introduction to the Old Testament, Genesis and Daniel.

Though teaching in the classroom is the focus of my time, the opportunities during breaks and meals are vital. This allows one-on-one sessions to develop relationships with the men, understand their situations and needs, and counsel and pray with them. This time is by no means one-sided. The students challenge and inspire me in my own walk with Christ. Their commitment to obeying God’s Word is a blessing to me and I feel blessed to call them my friends. There also develops a special bond with the interpreters. They must not only understand the mind and message of the teacher, but also theological concepts so that together we can accurately relate the material. For that reason, those men and women have a special place in my heart and I so appreciate their labor alongside me.

The opportunity to minister with NTCGS has been one of my greatest blessings from God.

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