Doctor of Theology

The Doctor of Theology is designed to prepare persons of exceptional ability and promise to conduct research at the highest level of expertise to strengthen service as pastor, seminary or college professors, and Christian leaders.  A master’s degree in the field of theology from a generally recognized graduate school or seminary with a GPA of 3.0 is required for entrance. A minimum of 6 hours of Greek and 6 hours of Hebrew is necessary. The program is completed with 60 hours of course work and normally requires four years with a minimum overall GPA of 3.25. The content includes 27 hours of core courses, 15 hours of concentration courses, 6 hours of electives and 12 hours of practicum and research. The completion of the program includes the written comprehensive examination and an oral defense upon completion of an acceptable dissertation. The student must complete his written dissertation and defense within three years after he completes the dissertation research course (RES896). Objectives include demonstration of high level research, language skills, communication and exhibition of a biblical hermeneutic with a theology that is biblical. The program is only offered in English.

Th.D. Core 27
Th.D. Theology Concentration 15
Bible Electives 6
Research and Practicum 12
Total 60
Th.D. Core 27
BIN705 History of Hermeneutics 3
THE705 Critical Concepts of Apologetics 3
MIN707 Advanced Studies in Ethics 3
BSN711 Seminar in Greek Exegetical Methods 3
BSO711 Seminar in Hebrew Exegetical Methods 3
BSO715/THE715 O.T. Theology Synthesis 3
BSO715/THE717 N.T. Theology Synthesis 3
MIN715 Biblical Philosophy of Leadership 3
MIN805 Communication of Biblical Truths 3
Th.D. Theology Concentration 3
Core Courses – 6hrs
THE721/BSO721 Critical Issues in O.T. Theology 3
THE723/BSO72 Critical Issues in N.T. Theology 3
Systematic Theology Electives (Choose Three) – 9 hrs
THE735 Advanced Ecclesiology 3
THE747 Advanced Eschatology 3
THE749 Advanced Soteriology 3
Bible Electives 6
BSO735 Exegesis of Deuteronomy 3
BSN747 Exegetical Studies in Johannine Literature 3
Th.D Research& Practicum in Concentration 12
MIN881 Teaching Practicum 3
RES895 Research Design & Procedures 3
RES896 Dissertation, Writing and Defense 6
Total Program Credit Hours 60