Fruitful In Dark Times

Fruitful In Dark Times

Cherif F. Arif

“…the second he called Ephraim: “For God has caused me to be fruitful in the land of my affliction.”
Genesis 41:52

God can make us fruitful even in the darkest moments of our life.

Joseph, the son of Jacob, is a well-known biblical character. Although Joseph was betrayed by his brothers, forced to sojourn in a foreign land, and imprisoned unjustly for a sin he did not commit; his entire life reflects his consistent devotion to the Lord. But, no doubt all of his past experiences, especially the one at his father’s house affected him profoundly (Gen. 41:51).

Joseph lived most of his life in Egypt. Although he entered the land as a slave, his life concluded as the second in command. The scriptures record Joseph making several revealing statements during his life, which not only communicate some of his experiences in Egypt, but also reveal his personal theology. Gen. 41:52 is an obvious example. After God had granted him his second son, Ephraim, Joseph acknowledged that during his residence in Egypt God caused his life to be fruitful despite the calamities he encountered there. Joseph saw God working behind the scenes. He understood that He had a purpose, and he rested in His is sovereignty.

If the will of God is to keep the difficulties in our way, then we need to remind ourselves that He allows such situations for His holy purposes; He aims to refine his beloved children. God, who brings life out of death, is the same God who can transform the dry land where we stand today into a beautiful rose-filled garden. God can make us fruitful even in the darkest moments of our life!