Keeping The Mission In Focus

Keeping The Mission In Focus

By Dr. Paul Holritz
NTCGS Academic Vice President

Browse any college website or pick up a school catalog or brochure today and you will usually find its mission statement conspicuously displayed for all to see. A mission statement defines the driving purpose behind a school or organization. Members are routinely reminded why the institution exists and how each activity contributes to core values associated with that mission to “keep the main thing the main thing.”

The Apostle Paul had a mission statement which he clearly communicated to his young protégé some two thousand years ago: “The things which you have heard from me commit to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Timothy 2:2). Paul was not training Timothy simply to fill his head with knowledge, or so he could boast of his credentials, or impress others with his oratory. Paul’s focus was singular:  to train Timothy to train others to know and share Christ so they in turn would repeat the same task over and over until the Great Commission was fulfilled.

NTCGS chose to adopt Paul’s mission statement when the school first began. You will find it on our website and in our literature. You will hear it repeated in orientation, chapel, graduation, and alumni meetings. You will now even hear it from our alumni and current students.

“I can’t wait for the next classes so I can share what God enabled me to do. After the last module, I was ignited and felt a burden for rural teachers. I was able to teach teachers in Eastern Uganda and have now received two invitations to meet teachers in two different schools.  NTCGS has changed my life! Not only has my dream to be a teacher come true, but I am also learning God’s Word and how to apply it to the ministry that God has given me.” 

“It is exciting to teach others what I have learned at NTCGS. I have started a Bible study for my co-workers and their families. We are studying ‘How to know God’. Several have come to Christ!”

It is gratifying when we hear the mission accomplished in testimonies from our students and alumni. Your partnership with NTCGS is helping to accomplish our mission!