Pastoral Reference Form

    To the best of your knowledge, is the applicant born again? YesNo

    If no, please explain below

    Please evaluate the applicant in the following areas by marking:

    5 - outstanding 4 - above average 3 - average 2 - below average 1 - poor N - no information

    Social Maturity 54321N
    Spiritual Maturity 54321N
    Character 54321N
    Seriousness of Purpose 54321N
    Emotional Stability 54321N
    Self Discipline 54321N
    Leadership Skills 54321N
    Academic Ability 54321N
    Skill in Relating to Others 54321N
    Responsibility and Reliability 54321N

    What outstanding abilities would you say the applicant possesses?

    Does the applicant have any personal habits which would disqualify him from becoming an acceptable student? YesNo

    Has the applicant been disciplined or dismissed from another college or university, or local church? YesNo

    Do you recommend this applicant for admission to NTCGS? YesNo

    If yes, please check one: with enthusiasmwith reservationwith confidencewith reluctance

    Please use this space to give any additional information from above questions or other information which is pertinent.

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