Textbook Translation & Publishing (TAP)

The lack of good theological textbooks in the Middle East countries where NTCGS serves has necessitated the translation of books for our Arabic-speaking students. These books are not only textbooks for the courses that NTCGS offers but also are good resources for pastors and Christians leaders.

The Lord has provided an excellent translation team, headed by Mr. Waad Haddad. The team is faithful in character and precise in translation. Though a small group, the quality of translation and the quantity of books bear witness to the hard-working team that God has given to NTCGS.

The students, pastors, and leaders from the Middle East all express their appreciation for this ministry of translated Christian and theological books. Pastors from different denominations and even those who never studied at NTCGS are grateful to God for the provision of good quality and helpful books. These translated books are proving to help shape and equip Christians for the great commission.

Our goal is to complete two textbooks each year. The average cost for translating and printing a textbook is between $10,000 and $20,000. These translated books will remain a valuable resource forever for the persecuted Church in the Middle East.

The Translation And Publishing (TAP) projects provide you an opportunity to give toward providing vital theological books in the Arabic language. Please prayerfully consider donating for these projects, today.

“Basic Theology”

by Charles Ryrie (Reprints)

While BEN was not involved in the original translation of the Basic Theology textbook, it has funded the reprinting of the first edition to keep the work available to Arabic students. Upon further review of the original Arabic translation, the team determined that a re-translation would be necessary for theological accuracy. Due to be printed in the fall of 2022.

“The World and the Word”

by Merrill / Rooker / Grisanti

This is the most technical and difficult volume our translators have undertaken. It will serve as an introduction to the Old Testament textbook. Translation and printing were completed in the Spring of 2022. This Arabic translation will be a groundbreaking book in the Middle East since there has not been any book for the introduction of the Old Testament from the conservative side of the spectrum.

“Spiritual Leadership”

by J. Oswald Sanders

J. Oswald Sander’s book was translated and printed in the summer of 2020. The book will be used as a text for the course Principles of Biblical Leadership.

“Basic Bible Interpretation”

by Roy Zuck

In 2017, the translation and printing of Zuck’s work was completed and 2,000 copies were printed in Arabic, distributed by ELS (BEN/NTCGS in Egypt)

“There Really Is A Difference”

by Renald Showers

In 2015, the translation and printing of Showers’ work was completed, and 2,000 copies were printed in Arabic, distributed by ELS (BEN/NTCGS in Egypt).

“The Normal Hermeneutic”

by Clay Nuttall and Hani Hanna

Dr. Nuttall was one of the key figures in the founding of BEN and NTCGS. The key distinctive of the Bible training offered by BEN/NTCGS is the hermeneutic it teaches. Prof. Hani Hanna is overseeing the publishing of this book in Arabic. The English copy can be purchased on Amazon.com and BarnesandNoble.com.

“Toward A Theological Paper”

by Sameh Azmy and Bahgat Adly

BEN and NTCGS did not translate this work. It was written and published by two of our Egyptian students as the result of having graded thousands of research papers. Their goal was to publish a resource to help Arabic seminary students to write well. This work is a textbook used by NTCGS and other Bible schools in the Middle East since 2017.

“The Weeping Church”

by Clay Nuttall

In 2015, the translation and printing of Dr. Nuttall’s book was completed, and 1,000 copies were printed in Arabic, distributed by ELS (BEN/NTCGS in Egypt).