Ways to Partner

You can direct your gift to the area you care about most or give to support the area of greatest current need.

General Fund

The general fund provides vital support to all areas of this ministry. By contributing at any level, you help ensure a strong foundation and thriving future for the school. These undesignated funds will be used wisely in the most pressing needs of this ministry. Giving to meet these needs is a way you can have an investment in the lives of national leaders.

Student Scholarship

The “Share a Scholarship” program allows you to help needy students cover the remaining portion of their financial responsibility. While significant scholarships are in place to cover most of a student’s cost, on average $350 per student is still needed for each module. “Share a Scholarship gifts help these students to continue their studied and finish their degrees.

Textbook Translation

The lack of good theological textbooks in the Middle East where NTCGS serves has necessitated the translation of books for our students. To date, four books have been completed. Our goal is to complete two more textbooks each year. The average cost for translating and printing a textbook is between $4000 and $8000.